Why Can’t I Ever Win Big?

First I played poker, I lost a lot of money in poker, and in 99% of cases I did not even have a positive week and I was down at almost every session, in slots the situation was much better, but still I did not really have any big wins during the session, I mean, when you spin the slots day by days and multiply the starting deposit in 100 times, for example, and now I’ll explain why it happens, I have…

I have a very specific character while in game, while I’m lucky and I’m not starting to lose I act super neatly, I try not to play at high stakes, etc, but when there are losses, when I’m on tilt, there’s nothing I can do to stop at all and I deliberately want to lose money. Not in poker, nor in slots my winning sessions did not overlap my losses in terms of general loss.

I remember reading an interview long tome ago, about Phil Ivey, so he was guided entirely by the opposite strategy! To play and take risks all you have is necessary at the moments when you GET LUCKY, and if you’re not, it is better to stop the session altogether. To make it clear, let’s take 2 examples.

You deposited $100, began spinning at 10 slots and you got immediately x200

What do I do? I withdraw my money.

What would Phil Ivey do and what you needs to do? Play more and raise your bets!

I tried to even somehow control this shit, but it’s almost the same as controlling winnings, meaning, it’s impossible, purely that’s such a psychology. And with this kind of approach and psychology it is better not to play at all. Because it will be almost impossible to win.

Again, an example, I start to lose, miraculously save myself, I got a lucky time, but what I do – I withdraw money, I feel more comfortable psychologically…

Well, what I wanted to say. Play big and take risks only when you are lucky, and not vice versa! And if you lost the first deposit – better not to play at all this day or try your luck at another casino, but do not try to win back! But if you start to win – you need to go further and play, play, play, it is clear that in this case later you will often lose the first deposit, but if you really catch the wave – you’ll really win a lot…

I will give you another example, from my own experience. I had stupid losses when I was making a deposit of 50 bucks, lost, and then I deposit 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, and I did it like that until I win back and withdrew. Or lost all the money. So you can’t play like this too, it’s better to deposit all the money at a time and play on the maxbet or not to deposit at all.

There are many stories like these. When people, for example, spin day by day and win some unreal sums, beginning with small deposits. Well, my example can only serve as an excuse to quit and never gamble at all…

P.S. Listen to Phil Ivey, guys, he won’t advise you no shit.

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