Useful Tips For Playing Online Casino

I decided to write a short post, because I often see the same questions and mistakes when people are playing online casino!

Many are accustomed to playing in all kinds of scamish “Vulkan” casinos and do not understand then how to properly deal with normal foreign casinos, so here are a few tips for such players:

  1. When registering, always fill in your data in English, that is, write always in latin letters.
  2. If you play in foreign casinos, try to always send documents in English, for example, driver ID and international passport, instead of a regular passport. The thing is that in foreign casinos these documents are checked MUCH longer than those in which there is a translation into English!
  3. Before you take the bonus on the first deposit read the rules for wagering the bonus! There can be a trick – the wager may be written like x30, and then you find out it is also written that the wager is for bonus+deposit, so it will already be at least x60! The second important thing is the maximum bet on the game! It can’t be exceeded, or the winning will be simply canceled as it happened to me. Also you must look at games in which there is no bonus wagering! It makes sense to take a bonus if the wager is x40 or less! Everything else is not an option for us!
  4. Before making deposit, go to online chat and ask if there are any special bonuses for you!
  5. If your provider blocks casinos, use the Hola plug-in, just don’t forget to state the country that is close to yours!
  6. Before playing in a new casino, take a look at its ranking on FOREIGN resources, such as, or You can’t trust these reviews 100%, at all these sites many casino positions are simply paid and reviews are not true. But still these sites are the best of all, in general in the whole gambling there are no absolutely honest resources at all, I think you understand why. For example a casino, a total bullshit, but for some reason it’s in tops everywhere and is well promoted, accordingly, it pays well to all these sites.
  7. If you have any problems or the casino just playing for time – visit online chat and write that you will complain to meister, pogg and the commission that controls this casino, usually the link to commissions can be found in the footer of the casino!
  8. When registering at a casino, use an e-mail from gmail, it’s better to create a separate e-mail for casinos, because later you’ll start receiving spam!
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