Top 5 Favorite Microgaming Slots

I have a fucking bullshit going on here, actually I got a downstreak, I don’t want to whine, but it’s all fucked up shit, okay, in terms of money – I don’t care about that at all, I don’t give a shit, trouble has happened with my dad recently, he’s in intensive care for several days already, and so my mood is fucking awful, it’s not a mood for ludomania at all, also hackers fucking me up, in general today I spent all time behind the computer, I got up from only to go to the kitchen and toilet.

But it’s not the point, you can’t whine, you have to work hard, so before I go to bed I’ll write an article, the one I wanted to write for a long time.

In general, software of Microgaming requires a specific type of playing, in contrast to the same NetEnt and Novomatic. By the way, I’m generally sure that there is no random stuff in slots at all. All software really behave differently, although the stated percentage of payouts is almost the same, but in terms of the strategy of the game in Microgaming there will be a separate post, and now I will just write my top 5 slots.

5. The Dark Knight 1/2 – I have included both versions of the slot, even though the jackpot is only in the old one, in general the slot is awesome, but I’ve never won much, in general it’s fun to play, but the result is not very good.

4. Bust the Bank – a cool, but highly dispersive slot, can give you a lot of money, but most often you will get nothing.

3. Immortal Romance – the ideal game for many gamblers, probably you thought that I would give this slot a number one in my top – but I don’t like this slot that much, bonuses are given extremely rarely, and I’m not even saying about drops.

2. PlayBoy – this slot is the “new” Immortal Romance, only with better bonuses and without stupid drops.

1. Mega Moolah ISIS – the main thing is to catch 3 birds and everything will be fucking awesome! My favorite slot from Microgaming, although in the beginning I did not understand what the point is, and the point is the bonus game! + another opportunity to win the jackpot.

And what are your favorite slots from Microgaming?

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