The Player and the Ludomaniac in Casino

I’m the player.

“Casino” is a magic word, so much is hidden behind it, but more often the only thing hidden is our pain. Gambling has some kind of attributes – expensive cars, beautiful chics, fashionable clothes, expensive booze, fun life and many other things that the gambler will never have. Have you ever watched the movie “I Am legend”? It’s not about us. More interesting headlines are prepared for us – “I Am Motherfucker”, “I Am Stupid Asshole”.

So, ludomaniac (player) is a person who uses gambling too much in his life, he plays so often that it’s may be incompatible with life, at least with high quality life. In the common language such person is called sucker, biowaste, social hooligan, misanthrope, freeloader. Of course, many public clichés don’t match reality, but in general the idea is correct.

The first deposit can drastically change your life to worse, and reduce it finally. You will not be interested in TV and sofa, family, marriage and trips to the zoo will go to last place, friends will fall out of your life, because they are bastards, and in many respects the need to communicate will disappear, just because there will be no time for all this shit, you’ll have no money, no desire. And why to get up and work hard, if there is a game? The game, like masturbation, is an easy way to get pleasure without using your hands and special talents. Therefore, before you use gambling heroin for the first time, it is better to think twice.

Everybody can become gay (if only you’re not a gay already or if you’re not a woman), and everyone can become a gambler. Women, by the way, play much less than men, there are almost no ludomaniacs among women, the ratio of players with boobs to players without boobs is 1 to 10. Based on this, gambling is a harsh prerogative of men, true earners, but more often of fucking losers.

What is a casino game? The two sides of the coin are a loss and a win, but you are constantly on the edge, and in 7 out of 10 cases coin fall on the losing side. To play or not to play – there is no choice. You are either the one who plays, or the one who don’t. You just can’t visit casinos from time to time. Once you’re in, you start playing all the time, that is the rule.

The player is a lascivious animal, persecuted, condemned by society. Everybody tries to fuck him up, especially on the internet on sales of online courses and systems. The newcomer is drawn into all kinds of binary Vulkans and script options. And anyway, why do slot machines, even on the Internet, are called a casino? It’s just a site with a pathetic imitation of slot machines. Stop calling yourself a casino, you bloody assholes.

In addition to other fuckers, the player is bent by mathematics, which runs against him day and night in slots, without a break for a kickback. It would seem that even the fate itself took up arms against the player. At least this is what a newcomer thinks, blaming everything for his troubles: the state, Jews, God, Vitus, any casino; the fly in the room is also to blame. Only he is Dartanian with holes in his pockets.

The novice “sucker” believes in luck, in Santa Claus, believes that he is chosen Neo of gambling, seeks the system, worries about the lost and rejoices for the win.

Experience sucker knows a lot, in this case he is an atheist. He does not look for anything, does not believe in anyone, plays just for the sake of the game. Losing is not surprising, winning too, the game is seen as a pastime without monetary sense. Sometimes he wins a lot, but does not withdraw, because he’s waiting for a jackpot.

Psychology of the player

The player often suffers from sudden mood changes, which seems strange to outsiders. He was calm, and then he suddenly became enraged, or vice versa. For a person who doesn’t know what’s wrong (who doesn’t know that he’s playing, he lost or won today), it may seem that the guy is suffering from a period.

Each honorable ludomaniac hides the fact that he’s playing, because mother will scold, mothers are real spies, James Bonds god damn it. Ludomaniac is a mathematician. He easily multiplies debts in an exponential progression, as well as problems, but he compensates it with the acquisition of skill to enchantingly fuck up people, and also, the average player earns a lot relatively to the ordinary person, because the game requires more gold.

The game is a professional walking on rakes, voluntary. Nature taught us: something hot – pull your hand off, if you weep – swim, motherfucker. In gambling, such tricks won’t pass, I touched it and you’re stuck. It’s very similar to the predatory flower – Venus Flytrap, in our case – Slot Suckertrap. The player loses not only his sexual orientation (asexual slave), but also the orientation in time. The concepts are distorted and replaced, inflation and devaluation of vital values ​​occur. On the one hand it’s good, but on the other – I’m not sure.

More often players do not really care for much of the household kitchen philosophy. Ludomaniac thinks wider: people are ants, the Earth on a space scale is nothing, and so on, which is not useful in life. Well, shit, try to explain to the child that bread is not the main thing in human’s life, and the stomach does not understand you at all, stupidly wants to eat for your money, and you can’t eat philosophy. And so ludomaniac is engaged in such thinking in his free time (98% of the time). As a rule, when cash appears, the whole philosophy disappears.

Inflation of perception is just like that. You will feel sorry for overpaid $50 in the store, and then you lose $500 per hour – and you think that’s ok. Usually people learn from their mistakes, the player does not fucking learn a thing, the only thing he receives after years of gambling – hemorrhoid on his ass because of constant sitting. A strange situation happens, you lose a million times and you come back again, some latent ludomania with a hidden desire to stimulate the anus, but I did not notice patterns in relation to sexual orientation, and Johnny on the neighboring bed says that there is no regularity at all.

People about the ludomaniacs

  • What we don’t have we don’t care about, but as we lose it, weep (c) wisdom from the social media about the lost things
  • Unlucky, again (c) sucker about yourself
  • Biowaste (c) TTP about players
  • Only assholes play, I despise players (c) Coolsten
  • Who the fuck do you call biowaste, you bitch? (c) the player is indignant

Ludomania is an addiction

Ludomania is a pure drug addiction. Do not look for a dirty trick. The recipe for success is simple: during the game, hormones of happiness are produced in the head, and everything else just can’t be explained.

Therefore, a slot machine is a tool that easily turns a person into a vegetable. Slots give illusions of happiness and problem solving.

At the time of lack of money, which is 98% of the player’s time, the body begins to show symptoms of withdrawal syndrome. At such times mood swings are observed, the desire to do something disappears, the days and nights are endless, in nightmares players sees huge winnings.

Under different reasons for a dose of deposit, money is begged from the wife and other outsiders. At the moment of top mania, the ludomaniac agrees to all kinds of humiliating cunnilingus.

Attention: do not confuse with the situation when money are needed for the right things: food, socks, rent, to pay a loan, etc.

Another question is whether ludomaniac will have time to spend money on needs, after all, a pretty typical mistake, I’ll make just one small deposit, that’s all … The player will often sell his homeland for the no deposit bonus, but no one offers it. In this field in general it is difficult to compete with “he’s not Dimon to you”.

Player’s Philosophical Questions

  • Why the fuck I deposited?
  • Why do I live?
  • Why am I playing?
  • In which slot the payback is higher?
  • Does Vitus play on his own money or not?

Oath of the Ludomaniac

(As the player grows, the oath changes, nothing else changes)

  • I do not play
  • I do not play anymore
  • I never play again
  • I never play again in my life
  • I never play again in my life
  • Nevermore in my life I will play

Rhetorical questions

  • Why am I so stupid motherfucker?
  • Slots – is it fraud or not?

The last question everybody tests on his own skin. I’m talking about the wallet, not about your girlfriend. Usually such tests take tens of years, and in the end it’s still unclear.

Ludomaniac – the image

What does the player look like after losing? This picture illustrates the patron saint of all disadvantaged and ludomaniacs. No, it’s not TTR, it’s just Panin. A typical example of a player. In the morning, with a naked ass, in some fucking village, he does not understand where he is and what he does, but he does not stop playing.

OK, good luck. Sign up in casinos and lose your money) (c) Ondrea

Don’t forget to send pictures of St. Panin in chats, on streams and forums, he brings good luck;)

Ps: I’m straight if you want to ask. Pss: Haters eat assholes.

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