Gambling: Pure Luck or Total Skill? The Player and the Luck

My blog reader, as well as a player with a long record of gambling, sent two philosophical messages. I liked it, took a sin upon my soul, corrected and edited it a little and published. I wonder your opinion.

Luck: You are familiar with it!

Is there any luck in your life or are you a complete loser and this is fate? How often did you ask yourself this question? Where do the lucky beggars and coddles of Fortune come from? Is it possible to somehow influence this and what is behind it? And do you believe in yourself? Why is your friend better than you and always lucky, and why you’re always unlucky, you, who tried to do something a million times, and eventually got a zero. Probably, every person asks himself these questions once in a while.

A neighbor, motherfucker, drives a red Ferrari, he won money in poker, and you buy the next portion of lottery tickets and win nothing…

Millions of people believe that everyone can get lucky, everyone but not you – the only one of this million. You are afraid of the unknown and the ability to lose something in an attempt to change your life or take a little risk. And who said you would lose? When you go into a restaurant, you look for an empty table, but see only empty spaces. At the same time, another person sees the big picture and instead of an empty table can meet 2-3 best friends for life or at worst a nice woman, and after all, $100 on the floor. And you will find just an empty table! And which of you is more successful? It’s up to you to decide.

You are always waiting to meet your luck, and in return you see only her ass. Your measured and monotonous life suits you, but motherfucking Ferrari of your neighbor does not give you a rest, especially because he got it easily. We are all used to associate our luck, as a rule, with playing in the casino and betting on sports. This is the fastest and most effective way to test yourself. And here begins the most interesting – the search for luck turns into work, lifestyle and expectation of a miracle. Your game ceases to be an intrigue, turning into working everyday life. All is lost, are you the loser? And look around, where it says that you are?

In life, money loves those who can take risks. I don’t call you to play and do risky stuff. My advice is to look at life with another perspective, as you never looked at it. Yes you can give me the screws and go watch TV with a can of beer in your hand, and on the TV you see many beautiful Ferraris and chics! Just don’t risk the necessary things, for the sake of excess.

Did not have time or did not want to?

A person’s life is short. We will reject the first 15 years for dreams, temptations and other empty stuff (rollers, bicycle, phone). Next, many begin childhood and adolescence, which in some cases can’t end until death. The standard formula of the majority is following: university – good work – home – family – old age. And the funniest thing is that you can’t remember anything precious at all. And the older you become, the less interesting things happen to you. Human is an animal that gets used and likes to live in the past, or in the future, but not in reality. And here, fuck’s sake, two questions arise: what to do and who to blame?

There is another category of people – it’s us! Gamblers! These are adventurers and pearl divers. We know and find a way out of any situation. We are not bored, our life is far from monotonous. The amplitude of life, behavior, way of thinking and decision making is not much less than that of the Intel processor. Have you ever walked on a rope? No? We run there, and sometimes we even sleep there. The player did not make something in time, regretted something or doubted? No fucking way. There is always an exit and a solution – it’s an axiom. Money is dust. You lost $10,000 – I beg you, that’s not really a grief. And if you won ten grands? Come on, that’s not even called a money, the amount is tiny?

Everyone likes to watch, to read about the life of the player, but for some reason everyone is afraid to risk. Only criticism, sarcasm, envy, often hatred and anger. People, I’ll disappoint you. The player must be born. A deaf person can create ugly sounds with a violin, but play – NEVER. So any ludomaniac can lose money, but who said that he plays?

Don’t rush to dive into this pool, especially choosing the tower “Look what I can!”. All this looks beautiful on the TV screens. You don’t even suspect that you will be ruined. No, it’s not slots, not cards and not roulette. Greed will destroy you, in its most vivid manifestation. And you again won’t have time, except for collecting problems. You were not greedy to press the “START” at a bet of $100, and where the fuck has the generosity gone to give the casino this fucking $1000 today? I can’t, I don’t want and I will not. Tomorrow you will give the casino fucking $10,000.

And here again we come back to the word “in time”. Have time to spend, give or buy yourself something that was impossible yesterday. Fortune always gives you the chance to do everything in time! Always! Why ignoring it?

Yesterday you dreamed of a bicycle, and today Bentley is too cheap for you. Of course, it’s all the fault of the casino!

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