The Difference: Land-based Casino vs. Online Casino

I’ve been playing shamelessly for three days and didn’t have time to write something in the blog. Competition from Loki long gone, but the announcement is still there, like a Christmas tree long after the Christmas. I just noticed, the observation of 70th level, that’s what happens with the expanded economy – you can’t set your eyes on everything at a time. We must stop dealing with all kinds of garbage.

I’m talking about ludomania and laziness. We got two issues on the agenda: why the fuck I got drunk yesterday and what’s the difference between online casino and land-based casino. It happened so that I devoted 5 years to each element, I’m talking about casinos, and not about drinking.

On the expanses of a worldwide dump called the Internet you can find ready-made reviews and comparisons, and they tend to favor online casinos. It is important to understand who writes it and where. I believe that on the resources with the casino advertising owners will vote in favor of the Internet. Let’s look at the details.

Casino’s availability

Many put as an advantage of online casino its around-the-clock availability within arm’s length in case of Internet availability and a minimal display with a processor, but I think it’s much worse than ground-based casinos. Moscow. Each metro station has 3-5 slot machines rooms, 20% of the city’s population is playing slots. An imposed mass culture. It is almost impossible to quit it. The gambling house before your eyes always and under all circumstances provokes to go and leave there your salary.

Forbidden casinos and roulettes with all sorts of blackjacks were changed for gambling rooms. Gambling and everything connected to it is tenacious as a cockroach – it is not exterminable at all. The gambling path will always find a way out or a loophole in one form or another: lottery clubs, underground casinos, online casinos, etc. The latter are gaining popularity not only in Russia, but throughout the world. Casinos online are represented as those vulkans at the metro – at every step, everywhere, absolutely everywhere: on porn resources (I’m angry), torrents, in movie advertising; they manage to even hook up innocent Twitch and YouTube users.

Casino should never and under no circumstances be in the nearest availability. It’s evil. The game should be episodic, and not depend on the availability of money on the electronic wallet. The easier and faster you can start the game, the worse. The understanding of this issue comes with time.

Ergonomics and convenience

Yes, I don’t argue, it’s cool of course, in the morning, before I had time to wake up and wash my cock, in my underpants, to light a cigarette, to pour a cup of coffee and to run the casino. But this coolness is realized only in the first hour of the game. Next follows a smoke-filled apartment, you’re drunk with buckets of coffee, you piss like a horse every 5 minutes, and I’m not even talking about the money you lost. You realize that this is not fucking funny. Such online convenience saves you time on all kinds of movements: cashing in the checkout, talking with pretty female dealers and a lot of other drunken movements. It saves time, so you won’t be distracted by every nonsense from the main idea – losing money.

Online slots allow you to make five times more bets than in a ground-based casino for an equal period of time. A dull sitting behind the monitor without any activity (psychological and physical) leads the body to mental fatigue and it becomes easy to just don’t care about the money, there is a hidden desire to quickly lose everything and finish it. In offline you can just become tired or go home to have some sleep, which will lead to the end of the game, and online gambling can always continue. And what? We have availability.

Variety of slots, bonuses

Many people say that online they can find a huge selection of games, starting with storyline slots with all kinds of Marvel scum and ending with cherries with bells. I don’t observe any advantages here. Five slots are enough for a regular player, he don’t care about the selection. Love and a matter of habit. The first slot is like the first woman. With who you had your first sex and remembered it for life.

Bonuses. Rarely does someone wager them, I already wrote about it, you can use the search on my blog and see. A bonus is a promo, so that the player chose the slot. It is required by competition. In general, online wins here and can offer more than a ground-based casino, since they are more often limited to a cup of tea only, and even tea is the cheapest one there.

Demo game (play money), jackpots

Fucking advantage, goddamn it. The best fucking benefit, come on. If you need to get acquainted with the game mechanics of the slot – you don’t have to enter the Internet, you can deposit small amount right in the casino and get acquainted all night long playing at minimal bet. Online casino offers a lot of jackpots, but it’s a complete fucking bullshit. It is more likely to rely on a meteorite happening. In offline I received two jackpots for one evening.

Casino is presented as a place of entertainment, yes, it’s written on all sites, but what kind of fuck is the entertainment can be sitting in the slippers at the display? You are all fagots and cocksuckers, webmasters and affiliates.

A live casino means an atmosphere. The absence of a brainfuck that usually comes with expectation of payment, no personality verification, there is no problem with returns, and there is always a choice of a successful slot and the one that gives no money. You are always surrounded by beautiful chics (well, not always).

You can feel like a winner by winning the whole cash; share the mood with the people, your joy or your sadness, or at least just to cheer. I recommend to find the third size boobs and cry between them. And in online all the emotions are silencing for nothing, nothing. Only slippers and cigarette butts all around the monitor. And from coffee and smoked cigarettes in your mouth you feel only bitterness of defeat, it smells like shit. Well, that’s naturally a shit itself.

There is a stereotype that a ground-based casino is a smoky place, there are no free slot machines there, drunk bastards all around you, etc. Of course, most of those saying it played in some fucking dumps near railway stations like “some armenian guy in a dirty T-shirt opened a door” but that’s not true. Unlike online, in real life you yourself, with your own eyes, are able can choose the level of the casino and you will not get fucked up.

Most online casinos are like Armenian dumpds, but through the beautiful design of the site and pleasing reviews written by the owner himself you just can’t see the true. The online casino is a dark forest, no educational work at the legislative level, no supervision in the Russian segment of the market. On one website they convince you to play fair vulkans, on the other they don’t advise you to spin in the scam VideoSlots. While figuring it out and understanding where the real honestly is and where – scam, you will lose a lot of deposits.

How else to compare? There is life, and there is a game in online casinos, the same life, but with a sideview, like in the Sims game. If not taking into account the newbies, players with experience will say that offline is better. Only the stupidest person (an affiliate of a casino) will piss you in the eyes, calling the online casino the best in comparison with the ground-based one.

With the current bans and remoteness of gambling zones, the online solution as a pseudo-replacement of the casino will soon come down.

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