Slot Machines That Give Winnings. There is a stereotype that a good slot is the one that gives winnings a lot.

In our issue there is no such thing as “the best or the giver”. Each slot machine plays within certain limits, and the return rather depends on the moment to come at the right time and in the right place.

There is a stereotype that a good slot is the one that gives winnings a lot. The concept is quite broad and applicable to everything. A woman gives you sex – well done, some mister gives you money – brilliant. This same woman can “give” you sex today, but not tomorrow, well, maybe because of her periods, some preventive works or bad mood. A mister can give you a kick in the butt instead of money. And they seem the same characters, but in different situations they behave differently.

Therefore, it is a mistake to assign any properties to the gambling machine. There are giveaway phases, and you need to get into them somehow. When I hear a tip from someone, like “play that slot, it gives money”, I want to kick the head of such adviser against a tree, until the bark of the tree will fly off, as well as the brain.

A good slot is one that left good impression after one good winning, one that guarantees an average stability in a game, that does not annoying, provides some interest and frequency of bonus games.

We will trust the editorial staff of the casino and see what we are offered in the main menu:

Immortal Romance, Koi Princess, All Ways Fruits, Jurassic Park, Starburst, Thunder Strike, Book of Aztec, Mega Moolah, Aloha, Big Panda, Break Bank Again, Dragon Kingdom.

Highly dispersive NetEnt and Microgaming, two Amatics. Why did they included Mega Moolah? Did anybody ever win there?

This list is even pretty OK, and often in the lobby you can find online casino games – blackjack, some kind of poker, roulette, baccarat, in general those areas where there are no outs, especially for beginners. And so you look at all this and think what kind of asshole made up such lists?

It’s simple, an asshole from marketing department. All is clear. The facade is filled with games where players do not have an advantage. Employees of the casino see the giveaway or return statistics for each slot, where there is too much, and where the not enough. It also applicable to the software, in NetEnt people play less or there is bad return in Microgaming – they put this software in the top or in “hot slots” section. The player does not have to choose, he needs to be directed.

Suppose someone brought out 50 thousand bucks out of Billioners, the slot died as a species, and perhaps the whole Amatic died as well. Now it does not give money, it only collects money, it means the slot will go to the top!

It’s not a secret that sellers sell good products from above, and rotten stuff is on the bottom. In the case of casinos, it’s quite the contrary – rotten stuff is on top. I would be cautious about choosing a game from the proposed or recommended list. An experienced player will certainly find his slot in the section of chaos and terrible ergonomics of the site, but the beginner, due to inexperience, will play the whole day in DOA for $3 per spin. So he will play in obviously losing games or at least not at bankroll.

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