Slot Machines Plot. Is There a Plot in Slot Machines?

Any occupation should have a plot or meaning, otherwise there would be no interest. Well, why am I lying? Millions of people go from day to day to routine work, where they mimic activity. But they have their own quest – to spend the day not working as much as possible.

Is there a plot in slot machines? And what plot is there in Tetris? Build a house and move the figures? Although, there is phallometry, stupid gathering of score. So the slot machine is the same Tetris, only for money. And so when the situation is at the edge, only one figure saves from defeat and you got it, which causes euphoria, like with bonus and winning in slot machines.

The first slot machines with three reels have sunk into oblivion. Now they can only be found in some provincial Las Vegas casinos, and only grandmothers play it. We also had our own machines with similar mechanics and fruits on the screen. We had it in all the streets and markets of the country.

And then this dull and prehistoric mechanic has sunk into the neverland, sometimes there have appeared really interesting games with cool plot, with bonuses and repeets. It was great, but everyone were tired of them. Top developers certainly produce something, but it don’t not go further than changing the pictures on the screen. Assholes, it is necessary to work on mechanics, and not to change the plum to the cherry.

The plot, if you can call a set of symbols on the screen a “plot”, also evolved. After the fruit, the abuse started on the theme of the Egyptian pyramids. And what? This is the tomb of Pharaoh, fuck, what a mysticism. Players, almost all of them, are superstitious people, and they are looking for patterns, secrets and mystic in places where they can’t be found. But there is an ordinary mathematics that works against them. Hmm, somewhere I’ve already seen such deceit. Oh, right, religion is the same!

Marine themes: dolphins, mermaids, seashells, sometimes seaweed. And surely fucking numbers and letters, oh, damn, fucking shit, a full house of aces fell out … fucking symbols. And here comes another combination of letters – YOU ARE SUCKER!

What else is there? It turns out that the principle of Tetris did not die, it was reborn in such games as GonzoQuest, CloudQuest, Elements. The task is simple – build, break, destroy, and as the game field is destroyed, random symbols emerge from the sky, promising success. Wait, somewhere I’ve already seen it. Oh, for sure – the religion.

There are also games with pseudo slots, extremely linear ones, for example, Alien, you walk, pick ammunition, all interest is held at one thing – if the ammunition pops up, and no “step to the left and step to the right.”

Types of slot machines

Slots for pleasure

Each self-respecting ludomaniac will not play this kind of machines, at least for the second hour of the game, because when you start playing serious you become tired of animation – all these Big Win stuff, when each line is carefully drawn and you can’t stop or speed up this shit.

For beginners this can be interesting, and, what’s really important, money is spent slowly, because the speed of the spin in relation to the Amatic, for example, can reach 1 to 3. But here is one advantage, in such slots you can play at very large bets, and taste each spin.

Working Slots

The classical representatives are Novomatic, Amatic, NetEnt has Space Wars. Spins work quickly, no distractive maneuvers at all. Here’s the spin button – press it and fuck it all!

In general, all this is marketing. Let a newbie play in the Amatic at time when it does not give winnings at all, and after 3 deposits he will hate this software, and perhaps the casino itself as a source of earnings. The proven fact is that the more the slot gives, the stronger it causes the game dependency. You can say thanks to Vulkans that their low-playable return helped many to say goodbye to the player’s career. But not all Vulkans are created to rob you, there is also a high return and the player starts playing year by year. Manufacturers of gambling software do not put a return on the slot less than 80%, because the machine becomes not profitable in such case, no one will play it.

Only a true gourmet, like me, knows that you can win only in Amatic, and all this showy story bullshit from NetEnt, Play-n-Go is just a deceit for passing free time. If you want to earn money, go to the workhorse, loyal slots won’t give you a shit.

The principle of slot machines is simple, but every trip to the casino is a quest for the player, you do not know how the game will be played. The opportunity to lose money that you do not consider to lose keeps you on your toes, provoking excitement.

Fact: when you lose and try to win back – you like working slots, when you win and there is a lot of money on the account – you play machines with plot.

So, when going to the casino, decide if you have come to play or to earn. Is it possible to play with both ideas at the same time? Well I do not know.

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