Six Commandments of the Slots Player

I decided to make a list of the 6 most important rules for those who like to play online slots!

Never play when you’re high

If you are high, if you’re too engaged that you can’t stop – by any means move away from the computer, go out and take a break for a couple of hours, ideally go and do some sports, etc., in any case, take a break every couple of hours.

Have a significant reserve of funds

If you have only 20 bucks, it’s silly to play at a bet of 5 bucks, and it will rarely give you something. Our brain remembers our winnings, and not our losses, as a result you program yourself for becoming too engaged. Suppose you want to play with 2-3 bucks – you need to have a minimum of 300, and preferably 500 bucks on the account.

Yes, sometimes you can raise the bet if you see that the machine is “on fire” but you need to do it carefully! Do not raise more than 3 times out of the normal bet, you may lose everything! Let’s say you have 100 bucks, you bet 10 bucks and win 1k, after that you will do it many times more, and this will lead to a loss of more money than you will win in advance.

Change the software and machines

Don’t sit on one software or slot for a long time, ideally you should play in a casino where there are many kinds of software, or if you fail in one casino you should make a deposit in another casino, on another software.

Now let’s talk about slot machines. If you see that the machine just eats your money – change it immediately to another, you can usually notice if the slot eats the money on the first 10 spins, that is, if the slot does not hold the balance at all and occasionally spits at small bets something like x5-x10, and the balance is constantly decreasing – change the slot!

After a big win in the bonus game you should not exit this slot, you can still spin, because it can still give you money. I have no proof, but it seems to me that it’s not the software, but also the individual slot machines. It means that each slot forms its own bank, in terms of how much money was deposited and how much it can give, because we often see information on the websites about the payout in each slot! And if the slot began to eat your money it can eat as much as necessary and don’t give you winnings at all. Suppose you played 500 bucks in one slot at a bet of 5-10 bucks, what to do next? It’s better to go to another slot! Maybe someone won 10k dollars at this time and the slot will eat and eat your money.

Play only in the casinos with a quick withdrawal and quick money transfer from the account to your banking card!

This is a very important point. The thing is simple – you need to play in a casino where you can quickly withdrawal money (no longer than 24 hours delay). Many will think that this is nonsense – but believe me, this is a very important point.

Choose the right time for the game

– it is also an important point, although many neglect it. The thing is very simple – always choose the right time for the game, when maximum number of players play at the same time. I’m sure that the more players play simultaneously, the more the machine can give you, and during the “dead hours”, when everyone is asleep, for example, the opportunity to win big money is reduced, since the bank of each slot is minimal!

Play only in normal state

This paragraph is applicable in general to any gambling, and not just to slots and casinos. Create yourself a rule – NEVER sit down to play in a bad mood, tired, being drunk or under drugs, etc. Assume if the possibility of withdrawing winnings in normal state is 20%, in a drunk state the probability will ALWAYS tend to 100%.

All these points are closely related to each other and the violation of one of them very often leads you to lose your head and to lose of all money, so if you feel that something is wrong you have 3 options:

  • to take a break
  • to quit
  • to lose all the money

It is very difficult, so if you won’t stop or make a pause, in 90% of cases you will lose all the funds you have, and you will lose your money in more stupid and stupid way, this is the thing of any casino, I’m sure that online slots are somehow set up and can determine the player who’s trying to win back and can’t stop, but we’ll discuss it in a separate article.

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