Self-Excluding Function in Casino. So is there any benefit from self-excluding?

A couple of lines about self-excluding function. According to the license, the online casino is obliged to post on its website information about the dangers of gambling, and also provide you with the function of limiting the game – by yourself, or via chat with support service. In general, it is the legal right of the player to say “fuck you, casino”.

Yesterday I saw that TTR scolds Play Amo and Loki casino, saying they don’t provide blocking the account. Well, not really scolds. He scolds in the context, saying there are fagots, but here there are not. Well, there really is no possibility of an independent blocking in Play Amo, which did not prevent you from being blocked via chat. But about Loki our friend lies. I looked down on the site and found the “responsible game” section, where, by the way, I blocked the account recently. It took me about a minute.

Fuck, that what’s funny to me. Many russian-oriented casinos write in this section about the dangers of gambling and give a link to foreign resources on ludomania. A fucking awesome help given that indigenous Russians can’t learn their native language, and not everyone can speak English.

In fact, in Russia there is no institute for the treatment of ludomania. Clinics are fucking awful, pumps for taking your money. Moreover, I studied the nuances of conducting their work. Doctors have no idea about the nature of gambling addiction. It’s fucking objective. Clinics? Come on? Who is the average player? That’s right, an ordinary hard worker who visits a hospital twice in his life, when passes a commission before going to army and in the morgue. Teeth, too, no one heals it until the kidneys start to fall off.

So is there any benefit from self-excluding?

Again, I’ll tell you something from experience. I know many people from the community of players, but it did not help anyone to stop playing. Everything is simple, there are hundreds of casinos on the Internet and being blocked in one, there will always be a replacement. Therefore, in the outbursts of anger and loss we block account, at that moment thinking that we quit the game, but this is nonsense. It is necessary to quit not after losing all your paycheck, but having money on hands.

Casino hides the function of self-excluding. I do not know whether this is good or not, but most of the account blocks occur during the affect state of losing, that is, not with a rational approach. And as practice shows, the player then begins to regret that he has been eliminated from a normal casino, and goes to another. Then, again, in another, until there will be an opportunity to play only in shitty casinos. So casino complicates access to the self-exception function, perhaps you are given time to cool down and make a more correct decision than in the gusts of anger click “forever”.

At the dawn of my ludomania, I repeatedly blocked myself, which I later regretted. And still after depositing of huge amount there was a desire to close the account forever, kick the casino on the butt and drink tea. I resisted, made a ban in Loki for a month.

Blocking of limits

A good tool to limit the amount of loss, deposit or bet. But no one practices this, because every person wants to leave himself the right to win back. These limits are useless, because after losing a couple of hundreds you begin to worry and go to another casino.

There is an option:

In the case of winning a large amount or when you need to wait for the withdrawal of funds, self-excluding is really a useful tool.

I remember when I had 50k in a queue for a withdrawal in Redstar, I blocked my account and was fucking waiting for the withdrawal, and at the same time I was losing hard at Betchan. By the time Redstar had transferred money to me, a few dozens of kilobucks had been fucking lost in Betchan.

So, self-excluding must be done in your head, and not in the personal cabinet of the casino.

And yes, because of the presence or absence of self-excluding, I would not judge the quality of the casino. Such indicators mean nothing. In addition, many casinos can open the account again at the request of player. And then the player complains about such casino. LOL? Why the fuck have you blocked your account then? Casino managers understand the whole thing, and know that you will still play in this or that institution. So why giving the player to competitors?

The danger of self-excluding

I took the paragraph below from bestsetentcasinos, I hope he does not take offense. And such situations came across in my lifetime several times. I would be more careful with the softswiss platform, well, this is for the future.

The player ordered Self Excluding on the site of one of online casinos. After the crisis passed, he registered the accounts at another operator and played without any major wins. The player makes deposits, loses them – the casino is happy with everything. Suppose, one day, the player was lucky and he won. Money were ordered for withdrawal. In the morning – account blocking, money returned to the balance of the last deposit and a letter stating that he ordered a self-excluding in another casino network. This is a formal reason not to pay.

The player must independently look for information about which online casinos are parts of  networks. For example, EveryMatrix uses more than 30 online casinos, including NextCasino, CasinoLuck, BetAdonis, CasinoCruise. If you order Self Excluding in any online casino that uses this platform, you really risk not getting your winnings in the future. In addition, there are also networks that will promote such a policy.

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