Psychology of the Casino Player. Types of Casino Players

The casino deceives us at every step, they are all just bastards and scammers. It’s their fault that we have all our troubles. Where the fuck is gambling communism? Why 80 people out of a hundred should lose in favor of the minority and the casino operator?

Let the game magnates allow 99 people out of 100 to win money from their pockets. Maybe then everyone will be happy? Although, even in this situation there will be whining – why some get more, and others get less. A person will never be satisfied, especially when parting with money.

Has anyone realized that when winning in a casino you build your own happiness upon the failures of others? With your desire to get more money, subconsciously you want the others to lose and stay with nothing. Yes you don’t give a shit that some John will starve, the main thing is not to become John. Any player is an element of the evil system and generates negativity. You lost, so someone else won, five guys lost – and you have x1000 in the bonus. And since you’ve got into this gambling food chain, stop whining when you lose the last money. After all, your money are now someone’s else money. Let’s make an amendment that the casino will take a third or a little more of your money at the distance. In the lottery, for example, 50-70% of all players’ money goes wasted and these are official figures.

Players are also not consistent and not logical. Now I will describe the game of the average gambler. Alright, let’s go.

Hmmm .. what a wonderful morning, and however, with cash on the pocket everyone buys himself a personal weather, both spiritual and by airplane to the Canary Islands. Nature has no bad weather, just like a person who has money. Human perception of the environment (weather, people, philosophy, etc.) depends largely on the mood. And what is the best thing that raises mood? Probably money. It spoil the mood as well. Or, actually, the lack of money.

You spent the whole day skiing, walking in mountains, shooting, jumping, masturbating, but then the evening comes, and with it an impulsive and sudden, like kick on the eggs, acute desire to make a deposit. It’s unexplainable. So, a small miniature, look at the balance and mood of the player, as well as the titles of the brain. (figures in bucks)

Player’s brain

Well …. The last deposit was hard, but everything terrible is behind, hmm, why not to play a hundred dollars … I’ll be careful, the second time I will not lose it as easy as before.

Salary, a deposit of 100 dollars, we start a pretty hard game, slots have thrown us another $100, but it’s pretty darn little amount of money for us! We need more gold. Goddamn it, we fucked it all up, zero again, okay, fine, no one died from one more deposit, hmm … $200 of lost money. We deposit again, and you drain all your money and it’s the end of the story. Often a casino (soft) gives you a chance to win back. Imagine that it happened and you have $500 back, that’s the amount of your total deposits, you are with your money again.

Player’s balance. Player’s thoughts

  • 500     The amount on the balance, your own $500. And what? We have a lot of money, now we will raise a couple hundred and withdraw it all.
  • 400     Minus $100, we are working on it. Everything will happen now.
  • 300     Minus two hundred, that’s ok, small change.
  • 600    +100. Now that’s it, perfect, we start earning money.
  • 350    Where the fuck is a bonus and why the fuck I still play this shitty machine?
  • 200    Minus 300 of my own money. I hate it.
  • 100     Fuck, where the hell is bonus? I had 500, and 500, and still 500, and now suddenly I have 100, still 100, only 100, even though I had 500. Why am I so stupid and where the fuck is my bonus?
  • 0 Fuck, shit, scam, fuck it! Minus 500 of my own cash, I need to win back, I want my money back, the casino is a scam, bastards, I hate you, I need to write angry comment, I’ll win back and never going to come back here…

So, we got minus $500 and a pain so similar to the tooth pain, but somewhere in the area of our ass. And now you can’t sleep, you can’t work, it’s impossible to live with this thought, that you wasted your own money so stupidly.

The game continues with the goal of regaining its own, at least part of it .. More often many immediately merge the remains, but we are lucky and therefore continue:

The total result of the session is minus 500

  • -500 Shit, half of the salary left, I still have money, I need to win back, the wife will kill me, my tooth will rot, I’ll be kicked out of my apartment – but I don’t care. All or nothing, the main thing is to win back about three hundred or go into a small minus. And what if I lose? No, that’s nonsense, I can’t lose, let some Johny lose.
  • -200 This is a miracle, win back, 300 bucks are good, and you still you have to win all the money back.
  • +700 Couple of your own and a couple of hundred more! Win back, awesome, I knew I’ll not fail, he who does not take risks, does not drink champagne. I’ll call my friend or some chic, I’ll appoint a meeting for tomorrow. – Hello. Hello, tomorrow in the park, I’ll wait for you. -Hey, come to me tomorrow, I’ll give you the debt. – Hello! And hello to you, tomorrow I’ll give you my debt too. Who’s calling? Collectors? Hi! Yes, no problem, tomorrow I will pay.

Hmm, I’ll give everything I earned, but what will remain? Again, all month long sit without money? So no way, I need some more, a couple of hundred more and I’ll withdraw it all

  • +800 Not bad, it started to give me good money, great.
  • +1100 Fuck, it’s even more that I earn in one month. Why should I work at all if I can make money in a casino?
  • +1350 I am rich, all the whores in the world are mine, I will never lose. I must close the loan tomorrow completely.
  • +1500 I have to buy a new iPhone tomorrow and some clothes. Hmm, I got a problem, what to choose – iPhone 7 or iPhone 8? Come on, I need everything that’s best, so I’ll buy iPhone 8, but I need to raise a little more, or it will not be enough. I still have to visit dentist, to go to the park with my friends. Or should I better stop and rationally withdraw the winnings? But no, only a fool leaves at the peak of slot machine giveaway, I’ll win a little more.
  • +900 2 hours later. Why the fuck I didn’t withdrew $1500?
  • +500 Minus 1000 of my winnings, half of the plans are going to waste, I need to return at least to 1000 and that’s all, I’ll withdraw everything. Eh, I’m such a fool.
  • +750 Alright, I had 1500, half of the profit was lost. It’s wrong. I will reach 1000 and that’s it.
  • +1000 Great, it’s a sin to leave now, I had 1500, I need to win it back.
  • +1500 I’m a lucky motherfucker. Withdraw? Are you out of your mind?
  • +1000 Why did not I withdrew 1500? Minus 500 …
  • +500 Why did not I withdrew when it was 1000? Minus one thousand…
  • Nothing’s lost. A person starts to swear, kick his own back with his legs, pulling out the hair on your ass and the feeling that someone took away your hand, robbed you, raped you. Minus 1500 of your winnings, I have only my salary now, but those 1500 … I almost fell in love with them … Alright, fuck it all, I need to return my 1500!!!

The game continues!

  • -200 I’m such an asshole, I had so much money, and now I’m in a minus.
  • -500 Oh, fuck it all. After all, there was so much money. All plans are fucked up. “Hello, loans? Tomorrow? Go fuck yourself!” I’ll turn off the phone. All plans are now doomed….
  • There is a moral exhaustion, a sense of self-preservation of money is turned off.
  • -1000 Fuck it, let’s lose all I have as soon as possible and go to sleep.

You lose all your money.

Sometimes a miracle happens and a win back happens, the player again get his money, but nerves are not the same as at the beginning, and it all ends with the usual drain of money. Then you quit. But…

Time passes. Yes, well …. The last deposit was hard, but everything terrible is behind, hmm, why not to play a hundred dollars … I’ll be careful, the second time I will not lose it as easy as before.

That’s a cycle of emotions and behavior of a player for one session in a casino. I can miss a couple of points, but it’s almost exactly what happens. This is the main ludomaniac type of behavior, but still there are others.

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