Jackpot or Big Casino Winning

Can I win at the casino? No, not like this. Is it possible to win a good amount of money in a casino to cover all the minus and still have something to live for?


Mega Moolah Isis, Dark Knight (non-active), Hall of Gods, and Mega Fortune are slot machines with progressive jackpot. Pretty shitty and greedy machines, and with each bet a small part of money goes to the jackpot bank, which grows like a snowball that is ready to crash into someone’s head at an “accidental” moment.

Chances of getting something like that are very small, and judging by the fact that the jackpot is more often received by Swedes, speaks about a fucked up approach. Just numbers: the population of Sweden is 9 million people; let’s not count children, old men and women, there will be a small handful of ludomaniacs, something like tens of thousands. And now let’s take for comparison a country that never wins, for example Russia with its multi-million army of ludomaniacs with almost no money to play.

Fuck, look at the ratio of players of 1 to 100, if you compare 10,000 Swedes against the global gambling community, what are the chances to win against the Scandinavian?

And still the next jackpot again gets Swede. If not the Swede, the Finn or the Norwegian, sometimes an Englishman, at worst – an Australian. Jackpot is a weapon of mass destruction of consciousness, an atomic bomb for the minds, a viral fraud, a flashmob with already known result.

It’s simple. In Sweden the casino is popularized at the state level, Finns are notable ludomaniacs, English are rich, Australians also like to spin slots. And so jacks and pots stimulate this site of the clitoris, and Russia, like other places, is located in the asshole area, so it does not make sense to stimulate it.

According to information I will say that the game providers are not putting the amounts of wins equally to everyone. The CIS countries get lower, Europe gets higher, the specific country is a specific figure. In any case, I would not advise you to choose the currency of the account in rubles, for example.

Well, it’s probably a coincidence that the largest gaming provider NetEnt is located in Sweden. All right, I want to say … fuck them and fuck their jackpots.

Slots and mini jackpot

For example, let’s take Divine fortune. There are a lot of similar slots from almost all developers: Novomatic, NetEnt, Playtech. The winning range is from $1,000 to $15,000.

Recently, Jordan had won $4,000 in live stream in Novomatic, which prompted me to write a couple of lines. I would like to note that it is more likely to catch luck here, but it is also pretty tight. From the community there were frequent wins in the software from Playtech. This provider is not really trustworthy, and all Russian casinos that use this software are usually full of assholes and scammers.

By the way, the jackpot is paid by the software provider, not by the casino. Was it Argo who fucked the player up with the jackpot? Managers received money from the provider, stole them and ran to open “malinas”, “burans” and “Yo-Yos”. Correct me, if I’m not right. You can’t trust a Russian casino in such moments, a maximum is some children’s morning performance, and even there Russian casinos would screw up.

In general, such slots are not the best option to get rich, but once in the five-year period someone manages to get a win of millions dollars.

Slot machines that give winnings

Let’s forget about the lottery. What else do are we offered to win and where? In 95% of cases, the casino game will end with a tragic drain of money and constant sobbing on the forums, but very often with x3 – x5 rise from the deposit amount, and then again sobbing. Many mistakenly believe that playing by one dollar you can win thousands of dollars. You multiplied your deposit by three? Withdraw it and get the fuck out of there. What else is needed for happiness?

So, the exception to the rules is 243-linear slots and a random bonus.

Immortal Romance (wild mode, 5 drops x12.500).

Five drops can’t pop up, but there is a possibility of four, which gives an average of x2000 from the bet. Such phenomenon is quite frequent, if I may say so. I received it repeatedly, and twice in one evening, you can often find screenshots in the community.

DOA – in the bonus mode you can get an over of x10.000

300 Shields is also a jackpot variant.

Why does everyone love Space Wars so much? Because of the crystals! It gives x1000, but more often you’ll get x30. Several times it was possible to get a multiplication by x500 with the bet of $4. And with bet of $100 I received 18,000 dollars.

These slots have a small disadvantage – they are fucking swallowing your money, but if you are interested in a small chance to win a significant amount, then that’s your place. Almost the entire line of Amatic and Novomatic is from the same opera.

Well, catching drops is a pretty rare event and there is no reason to pursue it, it can be considered as a sudden increase in money at a distance, retirement will be pleasant. In the meantime, while we all are young and beautiful, we continue to spin.

Top winnings

Some casinos have a board of honor, where the top big winnings are written down. Pay attention to the numbers – no more than $50,000. Moreover, the players are the same – our rich friends. In years the top leaders do not change.

All these fucking cosmic winnings are made with large deposits and big bets, and as reality shows us, before winning $50,000 thousand, you need to lose at least $40,000, and more often full $100,000.

What is the return of slots?

Over the years, dozens of forums have been read, hundreds of pages with themes like “screenshots with huge winnings,” and harsh reality states – your destiny is x100 on average from the bet, or at most cases x3 of the deposit amount. Multiplication from x300 and higher is quite rare. X1000 is equated to the appearance of Christ to people.

We will not take into account the bets by 50 cents with over multiplication by one million. Slots don’t play like that, or rather they can give you multiplications on cents by x1000 every day, but starting from one dollar, no way you can catch x1000.

I repeat, over the years of playing of thousands of people, a large amount was received by about two dozens of people. Just imagine the amount of hours played and deposits made.

Therefore, everything is obvious:

To win a lot of money in the jackpot, you just need to be a Swede, to spin the slot for a million years at a small bet, and expect a miracle.

To win a large amount in ordinary slot machine you need to be a rich person. Well, that is spinning around $200 dollars for a bet, catching your mega monstrous drifts of x30 or multiplying the deposit by x3. That’s the whole secret of the top winnings.

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