Is it Possible to Win in the Casino?

One guy added me in skype, said he is 16 years old and that he deposits his free money goes to poker/casino. I tried to explain him that gambling, especially at his age, does not make sense at all, the same poker is long dead, and if you do not immediately play in profit on the small bets, it’s not your thing.

For example, all top poker players are VERY strong mathematicians, and in general, extremely clever people.

Therefore, when you read about all the stats of top players and think to yourself, «now I will also get lucky!», forget it, if you did not win math olympiads in school and did not show success in math at all – FORGET POKER AT ALL!

Well, my post is not about this, there was such a dialogue:

  • Qwayn: Can I win at the casino if I stop at the right time?
  • r_4: No
  • r_4: you will not stop
  • r_4: even if you win
  • r_4: then you will losee it all
  • Qwayn: No way, man
  • r_4: the brain gets used to easy money
  • Qwayn: I’ve already lost a lot
  • Qwayn: for half a year
  • Qwayn: almost
  • Qwayn: with pauses
  • Qwayn: But if I theoretically stop, then can I be in profit?

As I wrote above – IT IS MPOSSIBLE TO WIN IN THE CASINO PERMANENTLY, as well as winning at a long distance. But to WIN once or several times – yes, it is possible, but it depends on one thing – you can stop or you can’t.

I understand that this guy wants to win big in the casino, and then invest money in his business. In general, this is his life, I just promised to answer his question.

So, to maximize the large win in the casino and increase your chances – it is necessary to:

  1. Play in casino ONLY WITH BONUS, do not play in casino without bonuses. And the bonus can be anything, from free spin to no deposit bonus, etc.
  2. Play at high bets, as high as possible (that are allowed during the wageering of the bonus) in the most highly dispersive slots that can be give you really big winnings. If you win – put a small bet, wager the bonus and withdraw. And don’t play in this until they give you new bonuses

That’s all. First we go through all the casinos and collect bonuses for the first deposit, then play only with bonuses. That’s all! As soon as get a very big win – IMMEDIATELY get out of the CASINO, BLOCK THOSE ACCOUNTS AND FORGET ABOUT IT AS ABOUT A TERRIBLE DREAM. Well, you can continue to play only with bonuses, but don’t play with large bets anymore …

Well, something like this. As for bonuses, here is a handy table:

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