How Webmasters Make Money on Online Casinos

So guys, as I told you earlier, when I’ll have no money I’ll write an article or a series of articles about earnings. As they say, less words – more business. I wanted to record the video first, but I thought it would be more funny and clear to tell you my thoughts in the form of an article, later I can also release the video with answers to your questions that you leave here in comments (if you’ll ask enough, I will answer). Everybody who earns on casinos, poker and sport betting are called affiliates, or just affs.

The essence of such earnings is simple – you register an affiliate program, and then create banners, links, landing pages with your link. You post them on your website, social media or in any other place.

If a person registers in the casino after following your link you get profit. And the thing is that when you follow the affiliate link to the site, and then you leave the site, after time you enter the website again – the link is saved in cookies and the affiliate, by whose link you entered the site – will get a profit, in case you lose, or just for your registration.

There are 3 main schemes of work:

  1. Revenue Share – this is when you get paid % of players losses, usually ranging from 20% (in top casinos), up to 60-70% – in shitty programs. That’s why on all these sites we can see shitty casinos, where players generally do not have any chance to win something decent, because it’s more profitable for a webmaster to get 60% and for the player to accurately lose money without win, fake reviews are written, fake ratings, etc.
  2. CPA – when player registers, makes some minimum deposit, and you are paid for his registration.
  3. A mixed scheme – when you have both types in one program.

With the first type everything is clear – players are losing their money and you get paid certain percent, if players win – you have a minus, you don’t get paid, the minus then burns out, and you get paid not just for one player, but for all. If for example your players lost 10 thousand, and then one player won 11, then you will still be in minus and you will not get anything.

The second scheme is CPA, it does not depend on players’ loss or win, but there is a possible fraud on the part of the webmaster, so this scheme is usually given to the well-respected large websites. For example, you become an affiliate at the casino, you get paid 100 bucks for a registered person who will deposit at least 20 bucks. I think it’s not hard to understand that you find people, give them 20 bucks and ask to register. Actually, after a while such affiliate deals become cancelled, since players no longer play at the casino, and it is not profitable, in fact this is a fraud from the side of webmaster. By the way, the well-known Shamil (Equity project) is engaged in this.

Will you agree it’s all so simple? Much easier than a hard work at a construction site, so in the network every student who can website may start doing it, the most interesting thing is income!

How to make an affiliate deal? I will answer – IT’S FUCKING EASY! How to make an affiliate program in an online casino

So guys, I’ll take JoyCasino as an example since it’s really simple and you can become an affiliate in 5 minutes. But the procedure is almost the same on all sites.

  1. Open the website of the casino where you want to create an affiliate program.
  2. Go to the bottom of the site and look for the link Partners/Affiliates
  3. I will talk about JoyCasino – there is no such link. In such case we write in an online chat or support service and ask how to create an affiliate program.

We get the link, here is the link to JoyCasino affiliate program. We go to the site, register and see the following information:

Now I’m writing a post and only it’s only 5:00 from the beginning of the week, but you can see that some guy has already earned a grand, the last time I opened this page there was information that one webmaster has profit of $50,000 per day with affiliate programs! Imagine what amounts of money are located there, although there are a lot of banners of JoyCasino on millions large resources, such as torrents, etc.

Actually you created the affiliate program! Now you can start to earn money, you can create banners, links, etc. – even a schoolboy can do it, so I will not describe all the details.

So you can become an affiliate at almost any site. But there is one “but”! Often, especially at affiliate programs of big sites, you need to have a website, since you fill the form, and then the affiliate program will be verified and approved or declined!

Where to get the traffic for online casinos

So we came to the most difficult part! Without the presence of which all the previous points are garbage, and it’s traffic, namely those people that you will be sending via links. You can receive traffic in several ways, the most important is that it should be a THEMATIC traffic. Because you can have a website with 50,000 unique visitors, but the theme is not a casino, you add a casino banner and do NOT earn ANYTHING, or you will have an awesome casino site that will be visited by 100 people, as ludomaniacs like me, and you earn fucking a lot.

So, we need to attract thematic traffic, it can be done in the following ways.

  1. Make a thematic site, group, page in social media, video channel on YouTube, where you will create cool content, because if the content is shitty, you’ll get no traffic. This is the way I chose to monetize my blog.
  2. Arbitration of traffic, this is a topic for a separate article or series of articles actually, unfortunately I’m not an expert on this issue, because I choose to earn with the first option. But shortly, I’ll try to explain you the essence, it’s pretty simple! You buy traffic, for example for X money, convert this traffic to a casino or other affiliate, they give you Z money. The difference between Z-X is your profit. The whole thing is that a few years ago the top affiliates at arbitrage of traffic earned a huge bulk of money, not only with the casino, but in all directions, and still some manage to earn $20-$50k per day !!! on this.I’m certainly a lazy guy, if it were not for my fucked up character and ludomania, I would have been a millionaire already. But instead I’m doing some bullshit here. This is about the question of yours – why I’m so poor if I write such things about big money. Well, guys, this is all my fault. Okay, we moved away from our topic!
  3. That’s all kinds of spam, mailing, chains of shitty websites, etc. – in general, just fraudulent activity, I do not want to go into details – we all see it every day, we encounter this shit in our e-mail, YouTube, yes even here in my blog people spam links with all sorts of shitty forex projects, etc. Yes, I forgot to point out that the arbitration of traffic also includes, among other things, buying advertisements, banners on sites, etc., buying ads in adsense, direct, etc. This is an extremely interesting form of earnings, not only in terms of casinos, but in general. For an awesome webmaster there is no such thing like trying to earn in one industry, he looks everywhere where it is possible to get traffic and where to convert it.

For example, 10 years ago was the beginning of the poker boom and everyone converted the traffic to poker, then the poker died and now you can see poker banners on serious resources very rarely, except some poker sites like 888, although it’s more a casino site, as I know it is the largest by statistics.

That’s all, at first glance everything looks simple – but there are a lot of nuances and subtle details. In the next article about earnings I’ll write my story, how I began to earn money with poker. Many have already read about it, I have written it many times, but it will be interesting to many of you since I did not invest a penny and after 3 months I already had more than 10 grands a month and this was just the beginning.

p.s. Hello to all the affiliates here!

p.p.s. So guys, if you it’s not too hard for you – in the future, when I’ll hang the reviews of casinos – please clean the cookies and register via my links, that’s really easy, right? I will be pleased and maybe there will be some money for recording even more ludomania videos. In general, I have an idea to make a scale in the form of a site profit and for example, half of the profits always to play in the casino and record videos, something like that. I’m waiting for your questions in the comments! Good luck to you all!

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