How to Stop Playing Online Casinos

So guys, I’ll write a short article on how to quit slots, I’ve started playing again and again so many times, last time I did not play for about a year, it’s clear that when money appears, sooner or later you’ll start playing, but if you’re in full ass and you need to quit all of this at least temporarily, then take the following steps.

  1. You need to block all accounts in online casinos. This may done in two ways. The first one is you write to the casino asking to lock your account forever, but it only applicable in large licensed casinos, you will get banned there and will never be able to play again – I did it myself, for example in RedBet, Bettson, StarGames, Guts, BetSafe, VideoSlots, etc.The second way I like more. We register a new e-mail, and at the registration we open a notepad and enter 10-15 random symbols, when creating the mail we fill this symbols as a password! The trick is that you don’t know it and so you can’t restore the mail. Further everything is simple – open each account and change the mail to a new one and change the password, then close the notepad with the password without saving and so you can’t log into your account and the password can’t be restored either – mail has been changed, and you do not have a password to mail either You just don’t know your passwords!

    GUYS, it’s simple, do not be lazy and follow these steps!!! You are thinking right now like everything is under control, but it can really ruin your life, you drink a beer with your friends, and on that day you come home, deposit $20 in a casino, and then suddenly you have an empty credit card, all the money are lost, you have to pay for the apartment, support the family, and you got zeroes in casino, I think many of you perfectly understand this state!

  2. Play computer games and buy any some tasty food, pack it into your fridge. Every time when you start thinking about casino- go play some games. Or eat something or go outside. But don’t play, even with demo cash, in any case!!!
  3. Make sure that you can’t make a deposit, don’t keep money on the card, withdraw all your money in cash, or cut your card (the card will be restored in a week). In general, do so that even if you want to play a new casino you cannot make a deposit.
  4. Make all of the above and hold on for 2-3-4 weeks, then you will quit gambling and forget about online casinos, the most important thing is not to come off, if not writing on the neverfold forum, I would have quit long ago and would live a beautiful life, but as soon as you see someone wins 10 grands out of 20 bucks, you immediately start thinking about it, you want to do the same.

So, we exclude any resources about gambling! And when you want to lude – go and read the stories on gamblinganonymous.

A couple of years ago, I already recorded a series of videos.

And yes, write in the comments – what topic do you want me to write the next article on?

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