How To Play MegaJoker From NetEnt

Simonsent me a video where he plays, he alsocreated the optimal strategy for playing this slot, with this strategy we have an RTP equal to 99%. As Simon says, the win is inevitable, the main thing is to leave the slot in time!

Here is a short version of a strategy:

  1. We spin the lower reel at the maximum bet of 10 coins (because playing by one coin we’ll have the selection of almost 25%, we don’t need it).
  2. After following to the second reel, we need to operate each spin as follows:
  • If there are less than 100 coins, we spinat 40, as long as there is an opportunity, then at 20 (because payments from 40 are obviously better than from 20).
  • If there are more than 100 coins and there is an incomplete hundred (for example 120 or 260), then FIRST we play with the incomplete hundred (because these spins are “free”, the incomplete hundredwill beeither returned with a win or will be lost).
  • When there are more than 100 coinsand the number is round, we try to spinat 200, otherwise at 100 (because three jokers from 200 are better than one from 100)
  • You need to withdraw the winnings when you have 1500 coins or more (I’m not sure, maybe it’s even better to withdraw when you have 1700, because the vast majority of payments are about 200-500 coins, and you must try to spin at 200 more).

For example, you win 120 coins on the bottom reel.

You first spin the upper reelat 20, so that if there suddenly you’ll get a payout of 100 – to spin a good game at 200.

If you have, for example, 240 coins, you first spin once at 40, and only then you start spinning at 200, because if there is a bust of 2000 coins, these 40 will just burn, but in our case it can give us something.

In general, this MegaJoker of yours is bullshit, I has drained out 5000 bonuses at a bet of 10 few minutes ago. And I didn’t get a spin of 200 even once, really, exactly zero times. Do something better than to just be engaged in such nonsense.

Well, here’s a graph drawn, you can click a link.

What is drawn here, along the X-axis – the amount of the game, along the Y-axis – the balance in values for the three types of slots. Each slot can be characterized by three parameters:

  1. RTP, or return to player.
  2. The length of the cycle, or how many spins need to be done to see all possible combinations (especially we are interested in those with the maximum payout).
  3. The level of dispersion, or how large is the maximum payout.

Two yellow graphics show the MegaJoker with the optimal strategy. The return of 99%, the figure 100 before the sine means half of the maximum payout (200 to one), x / 100 in the sine sign means half the length of the cycle length (with an average of 200 turns you get about the maximum payout), and we need -pi in the sine in order to start the game on the chart with the maximum lose.

So, yellow, Megajoker, straight line is ourexpectations of the game, the sinusoid is our real balance, it constantly jumps up and down, because the maximum payout is relatively small and the cycle is very short. Accordingly, it is very easy to turn a profit,at firstyou will have a lot of opportunities to do it. Then the distance will take everything, of course, but it is possibleto fix the profit at the beginning and not to play anymore.

Green is an ordinary low-dispersive slot, well, some kind of Guns’n’Roses, for example, which quite often givesyou just average payouts, and at the same time can pour a lot on some mega-lines or in a bonus. The return here is 97%, the maximum payout is x500 and the cycle of 2000 spins (about as much as you needed to check out everything, the score is below).

Here, as you can see, there are less chances of remaining in profit, most likely first the slot will give you a profit, and most likely you will be able to come out with a win, but then, because of the long cycle, you simply will not get a payout that will beat your past losses.

And the red line is highly dispersive Space Wars. It can give a lot more, but youwill also have to spinmuch less often. As a result, the most likely outcome is that you simply lose the money without waiting for a big return. It will, of course, happen, but to someone else, and when it will happento you – the loss will be already too big and it will not turn out to stay in profit, casino’s selection will simply devour the deposit.

Of course, when you’re playing any slot, even the worst in terms of payouts, you can get lucky and catch a bonus in Dead Or Alive with a retriggerat the very first spin. But the chances of this are practically imperceptible, and tens and hundreds of people need to waste their spins, so that one of them could get lucky and he could share a screenshot in the topic “Jackpots”.And thenlost everything again.

Playing the low-dispersive slots with a small maximum payout and good RTP you will have many, many chances to win back and generally stay in profit. Unfortunately, you will have to forget about a huge win. Actually, it will not happen, maybe for someone, but not you, it’s called “low probability”.

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