How do they entice us to play in online casino?

Let’s say you lost a lot and decided to finish with the casino. But after all, what a misfortune, you have accounts in a bunch of different casinos. So, it is obvious that after a long period of inactivity from each casino you will be sent various bonuses: from free spins to no deposit bonuses. Okay, deposit bonuses will not interest you, but after all, free spins and no deposit bonuses – as they say, God himself orders you to play, why not!

Well, then you start to win a lot, you withdrew and your life becomes a fairy tale …

Naturally, you must not take any bonuses, ideally you should close the account everywhere or make a new email, which will not receive letters from the casino.

Next, you can get the phone call from the casino and start hearing offerings of the same bonuses. Personally, when I hear that casino calls me, where I’m not going to play! For example, they called me from redluck and playfortune. I played there once, but the casinos are full of shit. Here’s a manager calling me and I say, BITCH GO FUCK YOURSELF AND DON’T CALL ME ANYMORE!

So guys, immediately say them they can go to hell if they call you, it is MANDATORY to say it in a rough form + put the phone number in the blacklist of the phone. Ok, we now figured out what to do with bonuses from the casinos.

Further, the most dangerous places are various sites and forums about casinos, especially with ludomaniacs and large wins!

If you are quitted – IN NO WAY must you start visiting such sites.

Separately it is worth writing about the game on demo money! Never play it and do not go to the casino if you decide to quit! Exclude any possibility of contacting information about the casino!

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