For Those Who’re Losing All the Time (How to Play Slots)

I’m not going to write articles about ludomania any more, about creating a bad habit, or about win backs. Everybody makes his own choice. I often see messages on forums of the following kind: “The casino is bullshit, 10 deposits, no win at all, I didn’t get money more that I deposited, etc.”. And usually the comment concerns normal, sometimes even good casinos.

When you start to know the details – how much have you deposited, how were you playing, usually people like these get the next situation – you deposited $100 and played with $0,5-$1 at a spin.

Fuck, I’m already tired of writing these simple things! Guys, don’t play this way, never! It’s the fastest way to lose, yes, you may win once or twice, but 99% of sessions will give you nothing, you’ll be in a minus!

Well, actually the main rule of playing the casino is not to lose your head in a game and not to play at high bets. I’ve already written tons of articles on this topic.

Now I’ll write my own opinion and seeing of the NORMAL online casino game

Again, if you’re a ludomaniac, you can’t play at all, just close the tab and don’t read this article anymore. If you play casino for fun, here’s your optimal strategy.

If you play low dispersion slots, you need about 100 bets for a game, if you deposit $100, one bet must be equal to $1-5. If you play highly-dispersive slots, you need at least 300 bets for a game!

If you play SUPER highly dispersive slots you need 500 bets for a game!

It is extremely easy to find out the level of dispersion of the slot – the bigger is maximum win in bets, the higher is dispersion.

Well, it also depends on the software, for example, NetEnt is les dispersive, but there is an exeption like Dead or Alive. Novomatic and Playtech are goddamn highly dispersive. Microgaming os somewhere in the middle. It’s if you look in general at the mathematics of slots.

And, of course, a lot depends on the slot machine itself!

Next, if you start playing the slot, write down your balance before the game and after making 50 spins. If slot machine is just swallowing your money and it’s not highly dispersive you must immediately go to other one and forget about it.

Let’s say we decided to play Immortal Romance, I’ll call this slot machine highly dispersive, we need 200-300 bets for it! And imagine we deposited 600 bucks, we set up a spin at 2 bucks. After 50 spins our balance is equal to 550 bucks.

We now have two options, to spin down to 500 bucks, or just change the machine immediately. But you have to change the machine after going down to 500 bucks, whatever it takes!

If you play highly dispersive slot like Dead or Alive or 300 Shields, you need TIME, that’s why the rule of 50 spins is not working here. Just bet on autospins, watch your favorite series, turn the slot’s sound off (to stop thinking about it) and look at two different windows. You can spin such slots almost 24 hours before you actually win something interesting there.

Next, after winning x3-x5 out of your deposit, you, for example, won some big bonus game or three. And in any case, if you got a bonus game in a slot machine, you should wait another 1-2 games, often bonuses can be caught in series.

So, after a good series and a winning x3-x5 of your deposit I recommend you to change the software (if there is such a possibility) and to withdraw 80% of the total amount. The rest of the money you better spin in other software.

Attention! Important note, if you can get dirty and in a case of a lose your withdrawal may be cancelled – you better withdraw all money at once, and then just deposit cash into another casino.

I’ve already written an article, if you win at some casino, there is no sense playing there again, because in a case of loss there is no chance of bonus at all, and in new casino you’ll receive a bonus in a case of a loss, which is very advantageous!

And the last rule – don’t try to win a lot! Normal practice is if you deposited 50 bucks, won 100 and withdrew 150. It’s the right way! Yes, there are cases when people win 10,000 bucks or even more out of 505, but it happens so rarely that playing with the only goal – to win so much money – you’ll losing everything, all the time.

You can believe me or you can not, but before I started playing with large bets, I played with small ones, and withdrew x3-x5 out of deposit. I was in profit!

P.S. Remember, you can’t win everyday. There is a nice saying – chicken peck one corner at a time. If you deposited 50 bucks, lost it – forget about it, don’t try to deposit more and win back. It’s just not your day. And all the thing about the luck – it’s a topic for another article.

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