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The year 2017. There were new promos, quick withdrawals and other marketing stuff created. Many casinos actively began to PR on this point, offering a better service than others, which of course pushed the competitors to be on the required level. So what is the fast withdrawal of funds?

Any person, playing even in a proven casino, after some big win begins to experience a small stress after making a withdrawal, that’s increasing as the money become in standby mode, and withdrawal is delayed. In terms that until the money transfers to his the account, he worries about honesty of the casino. He starts experiencing all sorts of phobias like “maybe something went wrong or they want to trick me”? These are just fears. In general, all these verifications and delays are marketing move, created so that the player deposited. But we’re talking about quick withdrawals.

We made a withdraw and we got the money where needed. And you know, when it is written that the withdrawal takes about 10 minutes, and we already wait for 15 or 20, we start to bomb immediately.

So, playing a year in Redstar, where at that time they made withdrawals two times a day – in the morning and in the evening, I liked one thing – money was taken out of my balance, and I just stupidly waited for a while, managers always made concessions and quickly withdrew cash by my request. I somehow did not want to wait. Even depositing last money from the wallet I knew that part of my money is on the way to Skrill or to my card, and I won’t lose any of them, no matter at what stage of the game addiction I would be.

In general, quick withdrawal is more of a hindrance than a help. The player played and received immediately the result of labor on the account. And then, due to greed or because he still wants to play a little, he begins to deposit more. First with small amounts, and then he deposits everything else. Ludomaniacs are people who are under tension, in this context, under a quick withdrawal, when you can’t stop playing until you lose access to your finance.

I do not advise you to use a Qiwi wallet or Yandex money, I personally made sure that it’s better to withdraw money directly to the card and wait several days (three to five). And all this high speed with fast payments is pure evil. They allow you to play at any time of day, removing all the filters and restrictions from our patience. When you expect a withdrawal, you seem to be zeroing out the session, the game ends. There is a time to get out of the addiction, spend money on business, give away debts and generally think about life.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a casino or those payment systems, where you can not cancel a withdrawal and where payment takes a long time. Quick withdrawal means a quick deposit back. Of course, we must assume that instant service is done for our convenience, and this is just an instrument. Only with our fucked up understanding we get more harm of it.

Why do we come to the casino? Just to raise money. We were given the opportunity to quickly withdraw winnings, thereby depriving another opportunity – to hold the money in our hands.

My sad experience of recent games showed that no matter how much I raised, everything was poured back on the same day. Addiction can hold up to a day, and in the absence of stop button, the result may be only deplorable one. This is worth thinking about. I suddenly remembered yesterday’s win of $700 in Loki’s casino, and then the loss, then win back and profit again, but it was too late.

A quick withdrawal is exactly like the following experiment:

Perhaps you heard about the classic experiment of the 50s, during which psychologists James Olds and Peter Miller accidentally discovered in the brain of a rat a zone of “pure happiness”. Let’s not exaggerate the good intentions of scientists: initially they planned to bring rats pain. However, placing the electrodes almost in the center of the brain, scientists suddenly found that the rat again and again presses the lever, which closes the electrical circuit. Further experiments showed that some individuals are ready to press the lever almost continuously, 2,000 times an hour, forgetting about sleep and food. Neither sexually mature females nor physical pain could stop the male on the way to the coveted “joy button”.

P.S.: For player it’s better not to use credit cards and try to keep money in cash.

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