Bonus Game in Slots. Different slots give a bonus game with different amplitude and impact.

It happened so that for the last two days I was luding with losses of little more than a thousand of bucks. Yesterday, at the expiration of my deposit at the bet of one dollar I caught this. By the way, such combo happens rarely, it’s as many as 19 games in a bonus mode with a top character for a full house giving x300.

For the whole epic of the picture I will give an example. God comes down from the sky right now and says to me: “Dude, I exist” and I say “fuck off, I have a bonus in the Panda, 19 fucking games, now I’ll win and it’ll really be a miracle!!! And the machine poured me… exactly x250. In theory, I could get a maximum of x5000, and say that I’m upset – it’s like say nothing. Where was God at that time? I’m like the virgin who was raped and thrown, seems like nothing terrible, but there’s some unpleasant feeling in my soul.

Here is an early screen made long ago, on x400 in Pandas. Fuck, why always this one symbol is absent when it can form the full house? To emphasize my defectiveness? To say – spin further, the game is not over? Although, yes, it’s all done to leave a taste of incompleteness. To make you play and play to the ideal, to a full house…

On bonuses in slot machines

My ass no longer burns, there is still a coal left. And yet, what is a bonus game?

Initially, the bonus was invented to give the player time to relax, create some involvement, interactivity between the machine and the player, so that the latter took part without pressing the buttons. Over time, smart psychologists realized that the bonus game is one of the most important elements of slot machine, it excites and attracts. And they made this kind of game more sophisticated. The invention of Satan, really.

It’s a proven fact that when you get a bonus, the result of winning is known in advance. Fuck the number of games and all the non-gaming hardcore together with suddenness occurring on the screen, your winnings are predetermined.

The bonus can give a hundred repetitions and pop up often, it does not say us anything. The mechanics is as follows! During the game the machine must return a certain amount back, which it does by matching lines and, of course, by the bonus.

Different slots give a bonus game with different amplitude and impact. For example:

  • DOA, 300 Shields – 90% of games will be empty, the average figure is also dull.
  • CloudQuest can give a maximum of x200, but multiplies by 100 about once for 10 bonus games.

Most games from NetEnt give an average of x100 – a classic approach.

There are games where the bonus is missing as a kind. For example, Space Wars is a bestseller of the modern gambling industry. It seems like a boring slot, but every match is made as a mini bonus game, we are given a second spin with a high probability of winning. The lack of the need to catch three scatters led to the fact that everyone is trying to catch the crystals and yellow aliens. Yes, fuck, even here, catching crystals, you’re waiting for a miracle, and on your second spin you get your x10 … At such times you just don’t want to live, because the ludomaniac god is unfair.

Psychology and bonus

Fuck the math. Bonus game is far from an harmless thing that wants to make us rich. If it does not pop up for a long time, it makes you angry and makes you play more.

Two scatters constantly popping up will not leave indifferent even Dalai Lama, giving the impression that soon there will be a bonus.

Understanding that this is not true comes along with an empty balance. But if two scatters pop up too often, and you haven’t seen bonus for a long time … What would that mean? Oh, for sure, that it will soon pop up, after all it was not seen for so long. I need to deposit more and spin only in this game. Of course, nothing happens, but you were interested in the game process, and you lost all your money.

The bonus pop out and did not give you a shit – what a fucking mockery? I was looking for it with a long and hard work, and the machine had to give it! I have to complain in a chat of the casino or on the forum, I’ll write that the casino is greedy!

Well, the loss of the bonus does not guarantee you anything. In the past, playing in real slot machines, not in online ones, people had at least some guarantees, and knew that only one bonus game will be enough to win back the entire night session! What now? Half of the bonus games are given just to make you play more and more. In the outcome of the game an interactive dick is already being put, which fucks you with your little x5. Psychologists have decided that half of the bonus games will give little wins, some games will give empty pills, and rarely a normal multiplication, rarely, fuck’s sake, so that you do not get used to a good life.

Frequency of winnings

This is the antipode of “there is no bonus” situation. When the bonuses pop up often, no matter whether giving you winnings or not, an illusion is created that the machine is in “giving” mode. What next? We raise the bet, we play further. And so, after catching two dozens of games, at some point they stop appearing. Having lost big part of the budget, you no longer look at the balance, you wait for the next series of games. But they are not going to happen.


Bonus game is a powerful factor, during which adrenaline is allocated. Catch a bonus with a repetition at the bet of 20 bucks, it’s even better than to fuck two twins at once! And, when the repeat arrived, you are already counting the profit, and already fucking twins in your mind. Who fucks who in the end can be seen by looking at your balance after a while. Sometimes it seems to me that the ludomaniacs are passive homosexuals, people who seek such kind of freak sex. And on a voluntary basis.

Repeat must give us a win!

It just has to. And it gives! Usually it gives us dick. Who said that the slot machine is obliged to do something? A bonus is pre-generated, it’s just a recorded video that, when you click on the screen button, is sent from the server of the game developer.

The slot machine can give 30 bonuses in hour and all of them will be x10. There is no random at this bullshit. Fuck, why are these BONUSES so shitty? I hate it.


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