All Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Lately players often have questions concerning bonuses. In this article I decided to describe you all the available options. 

Types of bonuses:

1. Standard bonus

This bonus is usually given for your first deposit, and sometimes for the second one, third one, and so on. For example, a 100% deposit bonus means that the casino will add the same amount of cash to your account. So after depositing $500 you will finally get $1000. The wagering requirement of such bonus usually equals x40.

Usually you deposit your money first, and then, if you’ll lose your regular funds, you’ll be able to use your bonuses. However, these bonuses are considered “sticky”. This means that even if you win some good money, but the bonus is not wagered at the moment, you will not be able to cancel the bonus and withdraw your winnings, because together with canceling the bonus you automatically lose all the winnings and the only funds remained at your account will be your deposited money (in case you haven’t lost them yet).

All the bonuses also have a limited amount of the bonus itself. For example: 100% bonus with a wagering requirements x40, the maximum bonus amount – $500.

2. Standard reload bonus

Reload bonus differs from the first deposit bonus because you receive it as the motivation to play, when the first deposit or several first deposits bonus at this casino have already been used.

Every casino provides reload bonus differently: some do it once a week, other more often, and there are some casinos that do it only in terms of special short-term promotions.

Reload bonus usually differs from the first deposit bonus by its amount – it often happens that the bonus mean not full 100%, but only 75% or 50%, and sometimes even 35%. Talking about anything else, the standard reload bonus got absolutely the same conditions as the first deposit bonus

3. “Non-sticky” reload bonus

This reload bonus differs from the standard reload bonus by one important moment – if you play with a bonus, without actually using your bonus funds (you play with your own deposited money first), in case if you win some good money you can always cancel the bonus and your winnings, unlike the standard bonus, will still be there, at your account!

For example: you deposited $500 at your account with a bonus of 100% and now your balance is $1000. After having lost $200, you suddenly win some good money! In such case the bonus can be canceled and your money with the full amount of winnings will remain at your account.

But if you lose, for example, $600, this means you have already used some of the bonus money, because your deposited funds were only $500. In such situation you can’t cancel the bonus anymore, otherwise all your winnings will burn!

This type of bonus is pretty rare and it is provided only by several casinos, since frequent withdrawals of this kind of bonus can be extremely unprofitable for gambling establishment.

4. Special bonus

This type of bonus is given only by a certain online gambling establishments and only to a certain circle of persons. For example, TTR has been providing such a bonus in its casino to the forum users under several conditions.

The essence of this bonus is that at first you play with your bonuses and only then with your own funds. That mean that when you lose your bonus funds, the bonus can be canceled and the deposit remains at your account. This kind of bonus is provided very rare.

5. Special bonus by a particular provider

This type of bonus is usually provided on certain conditions, like it happens with reload bonus, but with one peculiarity – this bonus is wagered only in slots of a certain manufacturer. Usually this kind a bonus is provided as a promo with adding a new manufacturer to the casino.

6. Special promo bonus

This type of bonus is provided for a specific promo action, for example during a race, tournament, contest, and so on. Conditions usually don’t differ from the conditions of the standard bonus.

7. Personal bonus

This bonus can be provided to a certain player by decision of the casino administration. For example, for some special merit or significant loss. Terms of such bonus are negotiated individually and usually are more loyal than with the standard bonus – it may concern bigger amount of the bonus, smaller wagering requirement, or all together.

8. No deposit bonus

Along with individual bonuses no deposit bonus can also be provided in the form of a present or with large or frequent losses, with both low and high wagering requirements, which can exceed the requirement of a standard bonus. For example – a no deposit bonus with a wagering requirement of x50

9. Streamer bonus

This type of bonus is only available to streamers, since at the same time it’s the advertisement of the casino. Therefore, this bonus is given with better conditions, for example – with x20-x30 wagering requirements versus the standard x40.

You need to wager this bonus only when you stream. If the wagering amount is too large, streamers sometimes divide the wagering for several streams.

10. No deposit streamer bonus

This bonus is also a promo of the casino and is only available to streamers. It differs from the regular streamer by increased wagering requirements (for example x40 versus common streamers bonus requirement of x20-x30) as well as by the maximum payout from your winnings. Usually it means x3 of the amount won.

For example, your no deposit streamer bonus was $500. So after wagering you can withdraw a maximum of $1500.

Though, there are several other arrangements.

Types of wagering requirements

1. Bonus only

This means that the wagering requirement is given only for the bonus. For example, let’s take a wagering requirement of x40 for a bonus of $500. In total you need to bet on $20,000.

2. Deposit + bonus

With such option the wagering requirement is smaller, usually it’s x25 (sometimes x30)

It looks smaller than x40 for the bonus (option 1). However, it means that this kind of wagering requirement for a deposit of $500 and a bonus of $500 is $25,000, and this is actually x50, if comparing with option number 1. That’s why you must always carefully read the terms and conditions of the bonus providing!

3. Required for deposit

This type of wagering requirement is used in the casino to make sure that players, after a couple of bets, would not withdraw their money back, since in this case the casino pays significant fees to payment systems.

Such restriction isn’t convenient for a lot of players, because it forces them to deposit smaller amounts and more times than it usually happens with one larger amount, but there is an alternative – you may take a small percentage from your winnings when withdrawing (about 2.5%).

Also one of the options may be the first withdrawal per day without a fee, and the second with some small percentage (about 2.5%).

4. For free spins

Free spins wagering requirement is a wagering of the received amount after playing on free spins (both for a deposit and without it). Usually the wagering comes to standard conditions, meaning x40.

However, some casinos recently began to give free spins for a deposit without wagering!


When wagering a bonus, the maximum bet is limited. At almost all the world’s casinos it is no more than $5 for a spin.

In some casinos, if the bet is exceeded, a warning is immediately displayed and the spin becomes cancelled.

But sometimes, if you exceed the bet, the bonus can automatically burn out or you may not be paid afterwards due to a violation of the bonus wagering terms. If the bet is exceeded unintentionally, you immediately have to contact a support center, explain the situation and ask to return the bonus to your balance or to find out if they will forgive such a violation. Most likely, if it’s your first time you will be forgiven. Moreover, in some Netent slots the button “max bet” is located close to the button “spin” and can be pressed accidentally.

Wagering requirements

So why is the standard bonus wagering equal to x40 or more? The whole point is that with mathematical calculations, considering the approximate RTP of slots (return to player), it turns out that the wagering requirement of x40 is near zero. So, in theory, when you bet the bonus amount 40 times, your balance will be zero. But if the wagering requirement for the bonus is, for example, x20-x30, then you have chances!

Calculation example (theory):

We have $5000 + $5000 bonus with a wagering requirement of x40, that means, we need to make bets on $200,000. Making each bet in the amount of, for example, $300 in a slot with an RTP of, for example, 95%, we give $15 at each bet, and get back $285.

To bet $200,000, we need to make 667 bets (200,000/300). With each of the 667 bets the slot took from us $15, that means 667*15, we get $10,005, that’s the amount we have given to the slot during the wagering – our whole balance! This means a near-zero wagering.

But it not that’s bad, because it’s only a theory. I will tell you from my own experience that if today you are lucky enough and the slots play well, you can easily wager x40, and even x50, and you can still raise some good amount. That happens because the RTP of the slot is not a constant value, but an average, for a really big amount of spins. And today, for example, it can be much bigger than 100%. And vice versa – if you aren’t lucky, you will hardly wager even x5.

Unallowed slots

In all casinos there is a list of games in which the bonus wagerings are not taken into account. Usually it’s all live games, as well as some slots, RTP of which is slightly higher than of other slots. As an example of such slot I can name a “Bloodsuckers” from Netent.

But the wagering is not always banned in such slots completely – sometimes the slot wagers only a part of your bet, for example, 50%. Play, win and have successful wagerings!

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