Eye of The Kraken

There is a legend about the incredibly brutal underwater monster that looks like an octopus of enormous size. The story states that the creature swallowed whole ships, and even equipped vessels for the battle with him were sinking in a matter of seconds. The sea was rough for the sailors, who with courage tried to fight this monster, but it could not be of any help, so all attempts of brave men remained useless.

General description

People called this sea creature the Kraken and feared only one memory of him. It is still unknown whether there was once such a monster, but the stories about him still present in our days. The developers of Play’n Go Company have decided that this topic would be incredibly interesting for their users, so they’ve created “Eye of the Kraken” slot machine.

This video slot tells about the legend of the hated octopus that has intimidated generations of sailors. In addition, the player will have to escape the treasure from the tentacles of the monster that has collected it throughout its existence, taking away the wealth of travelers and sailors.

The description of the design

When the player opens the game he will enjoy a dive to the seabed. Animated effects that accompany the user throughout this let him feel under water for a moment. The playing field is represented in the form of a submarine, which would need to be controlled directly by the player. The game takes place on the background of the deep sea where the Kraken is hiding, along with his treasures.

The description of the interface

There is a paytable in the PAYTABLE section, every bonus round and the conditions for its activation are also written in this section. Having understood the principles of the game, you can proceed to the fixing of appropriate indicators that will influence the result.

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