The theme of the Draglings video slot is young dragons. That’s why cute dragons are the main characters not only of simple images, but also of functional ones. By the way, even more attention is paid to not yet born dragons, i.e dragon eggs. Yes, and using such material you can make a lovely evening at an online casino, and sometimes more than one.

The maximum rate.

Draglings video slot has 5 reels of different sizes. So the first and the fifth reels have three positions, the 2nd and the 4th reels have 4 images, the center reel has 5 symbols! Such a variety causes a variety of paylines, which can be carried out. Some IGT would probably attach here 720 pay lines of different lengths, but Yggdrasil doesn’t like to do online slots with the All Ways technology, so there are “only” 40 lines.

The number of lines to bet can not be selected, so players can bet 40 lines. By the way, this is very handy if have you received a bonus from online casino free spins.

On each line you can put only one coin, but its range varies from 0.5 cents (!) to $1. Thus, for one rotation, you can win from 20 cents to $40, which should appeal to low – and midrollers.

Draglings slot: how to play.

The functionality of this video slot is a set of the original features that set it apart from the crowd of other slot machines. However, by the way, there are already more or less familiar features.

For example, Draglings video slot winning combinations are counted from two sides: from left to right and vice versa. Any combination of 3 images, no matter where it has started, is sure to be counted.

But the most important thing in this functional contains, of course, of the dragons. Draglings video slot has three small dragon of different colors. They perform the role of a wild symbol.

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