Angel or Devil

It is said that the theme of Heaven and Hell is eternal. In fact, it is a choice between good and evil, dark and light side of our personality. Angel or Devil slot machine will allow you to try yourself in any capacity.

Playtech Company approached this eternal theme very artistically, embodying it with a great sense of humour and creating a very original gaming system in which the frequency and amount of winnings, in fact, depends on the player and his choices. The online slot machines suit both experienced players and beginners.

And as we read the reviews of those who have decided which character is closer to them – an Angel or a Devil, we understand that this device will give you unforgettable fun entertainment and a sea of emotions.

Description of Angel or Devil slot machine

The first thing that appears before your eyes when you start the machine is the Angel and the Devil, which prompt you to choose a reward system:

  • “The angel” is with smaller but more frequent prizes; the wild symbol is present only on the first three reels and bonus symbols;
  • “Angel” – the priorities of the rewards slightly shifted towards “neutral”;
  • “Neutral” – wild signs appear on all the reels, the scatter bonus is found at an average frequency, and the payments are less frequent but higher;
  • “Diabolical” – the emphasis is a little shifted, but now in the direction of hell;
  • “The devil” – payments are not frequent, but large, the wild symbol appears only at the three last reels, the bonus symbols are rare, but the player gets additional benefits in the free spins.
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