BonanzaGame - Payouts delayed since June

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19 January 2018 at 01:10 PM
Time is up!

Dear Affgambler! Bonanzagame Casino is not paying out my winnings since June. I initiated 9 payouts since 22th June (in total of 8100 USD), one payout request was approved but not arrived, 8 other requests were not even approved yet (see attached nr.1 screenshot below.). The casino is giving no explanation on the delay.

The communication with the Casino has stopped cc. a week ago. They are not answering my e-mails, this is why I’m submitting this complaint. (In fact they did not pay a cent since my previous complaint was closed here.)

My last approved payout request from 22th June (which was approved on 10th July) has not arrived to my bank card yet. I wrote a lot of e-mails, but it seems that Bonanzagame Casino is not intending to solve this problem. (See the e-mailing with the casino as attachment nr2. below.)

I don’t know if this is usual, but I had to send all my transaction data from my bank account to prove that the cashout has not arrived to my card. Please tell me if this is a normal procedure. They know now about every money movement I made in the last month. 

But all this has not give any result, because the Casino seems not to know whether he has processed or not this payout transaction. If it is necessary I’ll send all the proofs in a non anonymized form to you. Please help me to recover my funds, and to restore the communication with Bonanzagame Casino.

Thank you in advance, Kind regards, Thefuguzorro

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