BetChain - Account closed due to unjustified terms

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06 February 2018 at 01:20 PM
Time is up!

I have been signed up in this casino for about a week. Made couple of deposits and cashouts without any incidents (Except for the fact that sometimes their cashout can take 5 days). I submitted all the documents and went through verification process.

Today i have got an email( see attachment below ) saying that my account was closed because i violated their T&C and i quote:

«1.6 To prevent any fraudulent activities concerning bitcoin transactions we lay down the following rule: In case the transaction is marked as replaceable – Opt-in Replace-by-Fee (RBF) the casino reserves the right to close such accounts immediately and withhold any wins»

There are two things that are wrong with accusation: No. 1 : I use bitcoin core wallet( 15.1) and since last month it was announced that all bitcoin core wallet transactions will be signaled as RBF by DEFAULT. ( Source : https:­//g­ith­ub.c­om­/bi­tco­in/­bit­coi­n/p­ull­/11605 ) . I am not the only bitcoin core wallet users . There are thousands of other people using the same wallet. It is really unjustified to say that I DID IT. I did not do it. The developers did it.

No. 2( Most important ) When i signed up to play at i read through their full terms and conditions and it did not say anything about RBF signaled transactions being forbidden(otherwise i sure would’ve done something about it before i play). This is something the casino have recently added to their T&C . When you add something new to your T&C you need to inform all the existing players about the update so we know that the terms have changed. I have not gotten any email nor notifications about this change and so therefore accusing me of violating this term that i did not even know about is completely unjustified and in other word setting up a trap to scam the user

I am asking the askgamblers staff to help me with this matter since i believe what they did was not right and there’s need to be a third part involved.

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